How do I make an Application or Motion ?

Before an Appeal or a Referral Hearing takes place, a party may wish to make an Application or Motion to an Adjudicator. Typical Pre-Hearing Applications include:

  • A request to have a Hearing take place outside of Yellowknife
  • A request to have a witness give evidence by way of affidavit, teleconference or videoconference
  • A request to obtain disclosure and production of documents and records

To make a Pre-Hearing Application a party can send a written request through the Panel’s Office Administrator or during a Pre-Hearing Conference.

Any party making an Application must give notice to all other parties.

The Panel’s Office Administrator will then attempt to coordinate a date upon which the Application can be made before an Adjudicator. Once the date is provided and the Adjudicator has decided whether to hear the Application by way of teleconference or by way of oral hearing, the Panel’s Office Administrator will fill in the date and time and mode of Hearing and forward copies to the parties.

Generally, the procedure related to Hearings applies to telephone applications with obvious modifications.